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Femco Drain Plugs

FEMCO® Drain Technology is a specialist in high-quality products and solutions for the safe, fast, clean and environmentally-friendly draining of liquids such as hot oil. In the mid-eighties, a demand developed for systems to drain off liquids safely and cleanly. These developments gained momentum with increased health and safety regulations and environmental concerns. Our drain plugs and quick draining solutions were developed in response to this.

Femco UK - Distributors of the Femco Drain Plug throughout the UK

Here at Femco UK, we supply as wholesaler and retailer to the commercial vehicle aftermarket and also to the Original Equipment Manufacturer for fitting to product for sale as new.

Whilst some of the product is bought in complete, most of the product is finish assembled on receipt of sub-assemblies. A small number are designed and produced on our own in-house machine shop.

At Femco UK, we also design oil/fuel supply/recovery systems in house which can then be either installed by ourselves or contracted out.


At Femco UK we provide the highest quality of product possible through our highly skilled and experienced work team. Our customers are always our main priority and so we continually strive to understand each customer's individual needs so as to tailor our products to best serve their situation, whilst ensuring the customer always receives good value for money.

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